IRONREVENGE is a Guinness World Record
as the World's Largest Production Pick-Up Truck and IRONREVENGE is the largest of them all 
making it 
the World's Largest "street legal" 4 x 4 Truck

IRONREVENGE is a periodic feature vehicle of Ripley's Believe It or Not! 
and it continues to grow in size and popularity

IRONREVENGE will eventually complete its MASSIVE growth and street profile solidifying its place in automotive history. Its hard to imagine but this truck is very nimble and easy to drive. It can park between the lines of an economy sized parking stall and can navigate most any street with a very tight turn radius and plenty of power. It can cruise the interstate at speeds of over 80 MPH where allowed and do it with ease. It has a top speed of approx. 95 MPH

From there, with the right support, it could grow to an incredible event profile that could top 25' in height and over 100,000 lbs. with the destructive force of an armored brigade

IRONREVENGE refers to 
the Strength of America
the Return to Industry
IRONREVENGE was built to inspire

The idea is that out of a massive and awesome display of mayhemic destruction will come 
Invention, Innovation and Industry 

We do need a Revolution. An Industrial One!

Build it Better 
Build it BIGGER 
Build it in America! 
Stay tuned for something BIG!

We dedicate our efforts and ambition to the men and women of the Armed Forces and to all Firemen and Paramedics nationwide. 
Thank you for keeping us free and protecting our lives 
Our gratitude is unending and you have absolute respect from 
TEAM "World's Largest"

Drive Safely and please 

never Text and Drive!

The World's Largest "street legal" 4 x 4 Truck
The Strength of America!
A Guinness World Record and still Growing!